23 May 2020


We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it”, William Osler.

In line with the above statement, the Administration of *Distinguished Professor E. Uche Ikonne*, as the 7th Substantive Vice-Chancellor, Abia State University, God’s own University, has no doubt broken unimaginable limits in Academicsm and Administration of the University.

The targets the Vice-Chancellor set for himself, as contained in his *Mandate: “Our Story Must Change”*, have since been surpassed and still counting.

Some salient and unprecedented achievements of this Administration include:

🔸 Addition of 2 new Faculties
a) Faculty of Engineering, with Professor E.E Anyanwu, an International scholar, as pioneer Dean.
b) Faculty of Pharmacy, with former Vice-Chancellor, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Professor Oleka Udeala, as pioneer Dean.

🔸 Carving out of 2 new Faculties from existing large Faculties, namely:
Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Physical Sciences, with the election of two Distinguished Female Professors as pioneer Deans:
a) Professor R.I Ndimele- Faculty of Humanities.
b) Professor J.N Ogwo- Faculty of Physical Sciences.

The creation of these new Faculties have some great positive consequences:

a) Ease of Administration
b) Improved quality of Teaching, Research and Learning.
c) Expansion of Academic programmes and Infrastructural development.
d) Adding impetus & Academic development etc.

🔸 Creation of a new Directorate of Law and Justice, with the first indigenous Distinguished Professor of Law, ABSU and former Dean, Faculty of Law, Professor Sam Erugo, as the Pioneer Director.

🔸 Ensured full Accreditation status of nine (9) out of the Eleven (11) Academic programmes recently visited by the NUC in 2019, with two (2) interim; one of the best results in Nigeria.

🔸 Ensured full Accreditation status for Medicine, Law and other professional programmes by the NUC and relevant Professional Bodies.

🔸 Strengthening of Nursing, Medical Laboratory, Public Health, Mass Communication and other Academic programmes with the best facilities and subsequent increased enrollment by Students.

🔸 Addition of the following Academic programmes:
a) Public Health
b) Surveying and Geo informatics.
c) ICT
d) Civil Engineering
e) Mechanical Engineering
f) Electrical and Electronics Engineering
g) Computer Engineering
h) Physiology
i) Anatomy etc.

🔸 Unprecedented Research breakthroughs, Improved Academic content and Human Capacity Development building programmes…and so on.

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value” Albert Einstein.

This Administration, ably led the Quintessential and Visionary Vice-Chancellor, *Distinguished Professor E. Uche Ikonne*, has not only been highly successful but has added much value to the system and posterity.

Keep safe
Play safe

E.U.I: Good Leader, Great Achievements.