21 May 2020


National Identity is the feeling of love and pride which a citizen has for his or her Nation. When a citizen is proud of his or her country and is ready to sacrifice personal interests for the good of the Country, such a citizen can be said to have developed a strong feeling of National Identity and therefore, to be patriotic.

In Nigeria, for instance, citizens usually demonstrate a strong feeling of National identity when any of our National Football teams is playing a match against foreign teams. It is commonly known that during the period of the match, millions of Nigerians follow the game by radio, television and even in the stadium. Throughout the period of the match, Nigerians feel and talk as if they are members of one big family. They celebrate with one another when our team wins, just as everyone is unhappy when the team loses. During such International sports competitions, Nigerians are in complete emotional unity with one another. National symbols such as the Flags and Anthems are shown great respect. National pride should however go beyond this period, it should be total and holistic.

Every Nation, State or Corporate Institution has its own identity or symbols. For instance, Abia State University is privileged to be one of the few Universities to have a Flag, a Logo and an Anthem.

Kudos to Founding Fathers of the University, past and present Governing Council, past and present Leadership of the University, for this great breakthrough and for making the University occupy a pride of place in the Comity of World Class Universities.

We congratulate the “BRAND AMBASSADOR” of Abia State University, a Consummate Academic, a symbol of Pride, Dignity and Excellence, *Distinguished Professor E. Uche Ikonne*, our ebullient Vice Chancellor, for all his efforts at promoting the National and International image of the University.

As patriotic members of the University Community, we should therefore, show pride for our symbol of identity by:
🔸 Having unreserved respect and loyalty to the Leadership
🔸 Being passionate and selfless in our routine services.
🔸 Having respect for the University Flag.
🔸 Memorizing and having respect for the University Anthem and Logo.
🔸 Thinking of what to do for Abia State University and not only what the University can do for you.
🔸 Developing a strong feeling of identity, love and patriotism for the University, no matter the circumstances, by always putting *”ABSU First”*

Nothing will be too difficult to achieve in an atmosphere of Love and Unity. TOGETHER WE CAN.

In the serene Uturu valley
And North of the blessed God’s own State
In sublime Magnificence stands
Our celebrate Abia State University

Our motto is Excellence and Service
We will strive for Excellence and Service

She produces graduates of quality
Nation-builders of great ability
In disciplines of the world today
comparable to the best in the world, we say

God bless Council of the Varsity
Principal Officers and the Senate
Bless all ABSU Staff and every Student
And all Alumni and State Government too.

Keep safe
Play safe.

E.U.I- Good Leader, Great Achievements.