19 Mar 2020

The Story Change in Abia State University – The ABSU Book House

One of the major breakthroughs of the Professor E. Uche Ikonne led Administration in Abia State University is on the elimination of all forms of exploitation, sale of handouts and other printed materials to students at exorbitant prices. This led to the innovative establishment of a “Book House” and Book Review Committee under the able Chairmanship of the University Librarian, Professor Udo Nwokocha.
Recall, that at the inception of the University Administration, the Vice-Chancellor Professor E. Uche Ikonne noted with dismay that “Our story now is that some of our colleagues put together few pages of printed materials with doubtful contents and forcefully sell to our students at outrageous costs. It is the responsibility of Management to protect the academic and economic interests of our students by ensuring the relevance of printed materials given to them and moderating the cost”. 
He advocated a story change were all intended printed materials for our students will be required to receive approval from the Book Review Committee. Such materials, when printed will be sold at the Book House at an agreed cost.The author will receive all his royalty. This, among other benefits will preserve and enhance the prestige of our colleagues who hitherto were seen by students as mere book sellers.
Other benefits of this development include:🔸 Promotion of excellence, quality and standards in the printed materials given to our dear students🔸 Elimination of all forms of exploitation of students and abuse.
Bravo our ebullient and Visionary Leader.
E U I- Good Leader, Great Achievements.