22 Apr 2018





prof chima inaa

Perhaps, some may suggest a quiet and pious celebration, when an award is conferred on a person, by a church. Much more, Methodist Church Nigeria, known for their Sound doctrine and Administrative excellence.
On the other hand, that may as well, propel a sound and loud celebration for the fact that a church, with its spiritual focus, could transcend human realm, to recognize and applaud the achievements of mortal men.
A popular adage says “The gold fish has no hiding place”. So it is, that the monumental achievements of Professor Ikonne, has caught the attention of angels through the binoculars of Methodists Church Nigeria, Diocese of Umuahia.
As the Pre- synod Diocesan council, of the church, resolve to confer the “Diamond Leadership and Mentorship Award (DLMA) to Professor E. Uche Ikonne, in recognition of his numerous contributions to Leadership and Mentorship development in Education, at Christ Methodist Church, World Bank Housing Estate, Umuahia, we, like Apostle Paul, in one of his letters, could just, “boast a little in the Lord” for the great work and change God is using the Vice chancellor to bring to the University.
William Shakespeare, in one of his books says “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness bestowed upon them”.
Whichever way we look at it, Professor Ikonne has indeed achieved greatness and deserves every honor and recognition he receives.
He has demonstrated a focused and purposeful leadership, leaving behind a trail of achievements, and positive changes in the University that has astounded many.
Let us join the Methodist church Nigeria, to celebrate Professor Ikonne on this well deserved “Diamond Leadership and Mentorship Award”, two qualities which has become rare in our society today.
Let us continue to pray for more wisdom and grace upon the Vice Chancellor, to actualize every dream which God has laid in his heart for Abia State University at this time.
The oracles has spoken, Mortal men can only echo Amen
Congratulations our Prophetic Distinguish Vice Chancellor, Professor E. Uche Ikonne.
Again, Glory, honor, and Praises are ascribed unto God alone. Amen