Academic Staff

  27 Apr 2017

Chima, George Nwabuko






Chima, George Nwabuko

  1. Current Postal Address: Department of Geography and Planning, Abia

State University, Uturu.

  1. Permanent Home Address: Umuocholor Village, Ichiukwu Autonomous

Community, Isiala-Ngwa North, Abia State.

  1. Sex: Male
  2. Date of Birth: 9th September, 1962
  3. Place of Birth: Ichiukwu, Isiala-Ngwa North.
  4. Nationality: Nigerian
  5. Marital Status: Married
  6. School’s Attended:             Year                            Qualification obtained

(i)         Govt. College Umuahia                 1974-79                     WASC/GCE (O/L)

(ii)        Fed. Sch. of Arts & Sci, Aba           1980-81                     G.C.E (A/L)

(iii)       University of Nigeria, Nsukka        1981-85                     B.Sc. (Hons)

(iv)       University of Nigeria, Nsukka        1986-89                     M.Sc.

(v)        University of Nigeria, Nsukka        1989-April 1995        PhD


  1. Awards of Excellence

(i)         CODESRIA Award Winner for M.Sc. Thesis Writing (1988)

(ii)        CODESRIA Award Winner for Ph.D. Thesis Writing (1991)

(iii)       Educational Excellence Award (from Institute of Industrial Administration).

(iv)       Vocational Service Awards (from Rotary Club of Okigwe) (2011).









Work Experience

Establishment/Institution    Employer                  Year/Post Held

(i)         Govt. Teacher’s College                             NYSC Geog.Teacher 1985-1986

Langtang, Plateau State

(ii)        Dept. of Adult Education & UNN               Part-Time Geography

Extra-mural Studies                                     Tutor 1987-1994

(iii)       Dept. of Geography and

Planning  ABSU                                          Full-Time Lecturer   1996-Date

(iv)       Dept. of Geography & Metrology,

Nnamdi Azikiwe University; Awka                        Adjunct Lecturer       2012-Date

  1. Administrative Experience

Post                                                                                                    Period

(i)         Unit Head,

Department of Geography & Planning, ABSU                           1998-1999

(ii)       Head,

Department of Environmental

Resource Management (ERM), ABSU                                        2004-2006


(iii)       Faculty of Environmental Studies Post Graduate

Representative                                                                                 2008-2013

(iv)       ASUU-ABSU                         Financial Secretary                                    2002-2006

(v)        ASUU-ABSU                        Chairman                                          2008-2011

(vi)       Rotary Club of Okigwe        President       (District 9140)           2009-2010

(Vii)      Head, Department of Urban and Regional Planning ABSU   2013-2015

(viii)      Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies, ABSU                                   2016-


  1. University Service/Committees

Committees Post Held                                                        Date

(i)         School of Environmental                                                   Member 1997-2003

Studies Examination Committee

(ii)        Ike Nwachukwu Hostel                                                       Hall Warden  1998-2001


(iii)       Oyiba Aja Nwachukwu Hostel                                           Hall Warden  2001-2005


(iv)       Faculty of Environmental Studies

Conference and Seminars Committee    Chairman                  2007-2013

(v)        ABSU Post-UME Screening Test

Examination Committee.                             Member                      2006-2013



  1. Community Services
  • Vice Chairman, Oganihu Age grade, Ichi-ukwu 2004-Date
  • Chancellor, The Satellite Forum, Okigwe             1999-2002
  • President, Good Pals Circle, Okigwe 2005-2011
  • Member, Great Minds Club Int’l 2007-Date
  • Patron/ Federation of Ngwa Students 2006-Date
  • Patron, Association for Good Friends (AGF) Okigwe 2008-Date
  • Patron, Good Friends Club, Okigwe 2007-Date
  • Member, Okigwe Urban Community Policing 2006-Date
  • Member, Special Marsha! (FRSC)                                              2003-Date


  1. Area of Specialization

Hydrology and Water Resources (Water Supply, Planning, Management and Water Quality Analysis).


  1. Membership of Professional Bodies

(i)         Member, Association of Nigerian Geographers                                     1991-Date

(ii)        Nigerian Environmental Study Team (NEST)                            1991-Date


  1. Academic Publications

Publications (see attached)


  1. Present Status Professor                   2011-Date



Undergraduate Supervision:  Over 300 project works (In Geography,   Environmental Resources Mgt; and Urban and Regional Planning.

Post Graduate Supervision                          

Name of Candidates                                              Degree                      Year  

(i)         Aiczie, M.C.                                                   M.Sc                           2003

(ii)        Obot M.M.                                                      M.Sc.                          2005

(iii)       Uwaga, C.                                                     M.Sc.                          2005

(iv)       Ejim, J.J                                                         M.Sc.                          2005

(v)        Digha, O.N.                                                   M.Sc.                          2008

(vi)       Nkemdirim,  V.                                              M.Sc.                          2008

(vii)      Enyinna, G.C.                                               M.Sc.                          2008

(viii)     OkpeV.C. (in ERM)                                      M.Sc.                          2008

(ix)       Okonkwo, C.A.

(Dept. of Environment MGT.)                     M.Sc.                          2011

(x)        Otomofa, J.O.                                                M.Sc.                          2015

(GeoMET, NAU, Awka)

(xi)       Nwosu, A.C.                                                  M.Sc.                          2015

(GeoMET, NAU, Awka) with

Dr. E.E. Ezenwaji

(xii)      Nwagbara, M.O.                                           Ph.D.                          2008

(Co-Supervised with)

Prof. M.A. Ijioma

(xiii)     Ogbonna J.U.                                               Ph.D.                          2009

(Co-Supervised with)

Prof. M.A. Ijioma.

(xiv)     EzekweI.C.                                                    PhD                            2009

(Co-Supervised with)

Prof. M.A. Ijioma

(xv) Nwafor, K.O. (Co-Supervised with Prof. E.I.C. Agwu,      Ph.D   2011

(xvi)    Madu, Tessy

(Co-Supervised with)

Prof. I. S. Onwuckwa                               PhD                         2013

(xvii)     Nkemdirim V U                                       PhD                                2015

(Co-Supervised with)

Prof. M.A. Ijioma

(xviii)  Azunibine, C E                                          Ph. D                        2015

(Co-Supervised with)

Ass. Prof. OdimOdim




  1. Courses taught in Undergraduate
  • Element of physical Geography
  • Geomorphology and soil studies
  • Geographic thoughts
  • Geographic methodology
  • Contemporary philosophyand methodology of Geography
  • Water resources
  • Hydrology systems analysis (for ERM Department)
  • Water supply and drainage (for Architecture Department)
  • History and Philosophy of Science (for GST)
  • Public Health (for GST)


  1. Courses taught in Post Graduate
  • Philosophy and methodology of Geography
  • Drainage basin studies
  • Applied Hydrology
  • Water resources
  • Water quality analysis
  • Research methodology ( for URP and Estate Management Departments)
  • Spatial organization of society (for Architecture Department)
  • Environmental management (for Architecture Department 🙂


Recent Conferences / Workshops attended since 2008.

  1. Association of Nigerian Geographers (ANG) held at University of Calabar, “Nigeria from 25th – 28 August, 2008.
  2. Rural Development Seminar with the Theme; “Rural Water Supply” held at Imo State University, Owerri Nigeria from 8th-9th April, 2009.
  3. Climate change and the Nigerian Environment organized by the Dept. of Geography, University of Nigeria Nsukka at Princess Alexandra Auditorium, UNN from 29th June – 2nd July, 2009.
  4. Advance Digital Appreciation Programmed for Tertiary Institutions (ADAPT). Organized by Digital Bridge Institute, Abuja and Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC). Held at the NCC center, Lagos from 2811 June – 2nd Jury, 2010.


23        Extra Curriculum Activities

Table Tennis, Novels and Movies

  1. Referees:

(i)         Prof M.A. Ijioma

Department of Geography and Planning, Abia State University, Uturu.

(ii)        Prof. Ify, Elekwa,

Department of biochemistry, Abia State University, Uturu.

(iii)       Prof.I.S. Onwuchekwa

Department of Geography and Planning/ Abia State University, Uturu.




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