Academic Staff

  22 Feb 2017




  1. Name: Uruakpa, Peter Chinyere, Ph.D
  2. Rank: Lecturer 1
  3. Area of Specialization: Investment, Risk and Return Analysis; Financial Market (Money and Capital Markets including Commodity Exchange Market; Mathematics of Finance and Insurance).
  4. Date of Birth: 1st October, 1967
  5. Academic Qualification:

B.Sc. (Hons.)                      1994

MBA                                     2000

Ph.D                                      2016

  1. Research Collaboration: ABSU TET FUND, 2009 – 2012  Sessions
  2. Awards: Most Students’ Friendly Lecturer 2011/2012 by FIBSA  Best Staff Adviser 2013/2014 by NABAFS Award of Excellence by TACSFON
  3. Professional Bodies: Member, Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts, Nigeria (2013 – Date).Pastor, The Apostolic Church, Igboland Territory, Amumara Mbaise. Director, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, Okigwe Chapter. Staff Adviser, NABAFS, Abia State University, Uturu.Staff Adviser, TACSFON, Abia State University, Uturu.Member, Covenant Service, ABSU, Uturu.
  4. In line with the current globalization of finance and the need for technological advancement in deepening the financial market, I have developed interest in environmental finance. This is necessary because our environment has been greatly threatened by gas emission, gas flaring, cellophane wastes and sachet water wastes. This paradigm shift will protect the economy from further downward sliding.


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