Academic Staff

  21 Feb 2017



Name  Ugwueje, Ebere Augustine

Rank-  Senior Lecturer

Area of Specialization-Demography

Date of birth- 10th October, 1963

Academic Qualification-B.Sc Sociology, M.Sc Sociology, Ph.D Sociology (Population Studies)

Research Collaborations-  

  1. Lead Researcher in collaboration with TETFUND 2016 Institution Based Research(IBR). Titled Prospects of using Community-Directed Intervention Strategy to stem the Fulani Herdsmen and Farmers Crisis:  A Study of Southeast , Nigeria.
  2. Poverty Mapping of Abia State 2006 in Collaboration with United Nations Development Project (UNDP).
  3. Baseline Survey for Abia State Agency for Community and Social Development Projects in collaboration with World Bank, 2011.
  4. Formative Research on” Gender and Socio-Cultural Factors influencing Reproductive Health Behaviour in Nigeria” in collaboration with UNFPA, 2000.
  5. Basic Support for Institutionalized Child Survival  Project in Aba, Abia State in          collaboration BASICS- Nigeria sponsored by USAID.
  6. Water for voice: empowering low Literate Abia women in collaboration with European Union (EU),2011

Membership of Professional Bodies- Member, Nigeria Anthropological and Sociological Association (NASA), Member, Population Association of Nigeria (PAN), Fellow, Centre for African America Research Studies (CAARS).

Current Research Interests –   Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases; Social Issues/Social Problems and Emerging Concerns in the world: impacts and their severity;  “Second Demographic Transition”; Looking at the   set of changes in sexual behavior, contraceptive behavior, living arrangements, marriage, fertility, and employment that results in:

−Delays in fertility and marriage

−Increases in cohabitation, divorce, and non marital childbearing

−Increases in the employment of mothers, particularly the mothers of very young children (i.e., under age 3); Orphans and vulnerable Children, Teenage Parenthood, Changing Trends in Adult mortality.




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Book Chapters:

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