Academic Staff

  21 Feb 2017


Uduma, Ulu Eke

Name:                                             Uduma, Ulu Eke

Rank:                                                 Lecturer I

AREA OF SPECIALIZATION:    Industrial Sociology, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations.

DATE OF BIRTH:                        20th October, 1962




  1. Research on adolescent reproductive health (Africa, Imo State).
  2. Research on reproductive health and migration in Ubakala, Abia State, sponsored by Brown University U.S.A (2001)
  3.  Research on reproductive health and gender issues, (Abia State) sponsored by UNFPA (2004)
  4. Research on public opinion on safety and security, sponsored by British council (Imo State) (2009)
  5. Research on descent system in Ohafia Community Abia State (2016), Sponsored by TETFUND Nigeria.


  • Award of Excellence- Nigeria Sociological and Anthropological Students Association Abia State University Chapter 2011 and 2015.
  • Award of Excellence – Humanities and Social Sciences Students Association (HUMSA) ABSU Chapter.
  • NASA Certificate of merit (2006/2007).
  • Fellowship Award-National Association of Ohafia Students ABSU Chapter 2003.


  1. Nigerian Anthropological and Sociological Practitioners Association.
  2. Nigerian Society for Psycho-Social Research


Organizational behavior, crimes in formal organizations, industrial psychology, industrial relations personnel psychology, personnel management, gender and sexuality issues, public policy analysis, political behavior, environmental issues, cultural issues and corporate social responsibility etc.


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  4. Uduma, U.E. and Uma, K.E. (2011). The impact of religious crisis on Economy in Nigeria. the ABSU journal of sociology. 1, 186-200.
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  7.  Uduma U.E (2009). Types of conflicts: Alex P. Smids’ typology. In themes in peace studies and conflict Resolution (ed). Emezue, S. and Ota, E.N, Uturu. ABSU press Chapter 2 (20-28 pp).
  8. Social-cultural context of reproductive Health and Gender issues: A qualitative Research report-Abia State (UNFPA) member research team (2004).
  9. Research on decent system in Ohafia community, Abia State (2016). A qualitative research Report, sponsored by TEFUND Nigeria. (Research Partner).