Academic Staff

  30 Jan 2017

Ugocha, Oliver Chukwudi

Name:   Ugocha, Oliver Chukwudi, Ph.D, CLN.

Rank:   Senior Lecturer


Position:    Current Head of Department (2015 till date)

Date & Place of Birth:            27th July, 1967

Area of Specialization:        Publishing and Printing

Current ongoing research:    Information Needs and Seeking Behaviour of Secondary School Teachers in                                                                 Imo State

Contact Address:               Department of Library & Information Science,

MJC Echeruo Faculty of Humanities & Social Science,

Abia State University, P.M.B. 2000,  Uturu.

E-mail:  Ugocha @

Phone Number:   08161260344


  1. First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)                1975-1980
  2. West African School Certificate (WASC)    1981-1985
  3. Diploma in Library and Info. Sci (UNIPORT)                         1996
  4. Sc (Hons) Govt. & Public Administration (ABSU) 1999
  5. Masters in Library & Information Science (ABSU) 2005
  6. Masters in Public Administration (IMSU) 2006
  7. D in Library and Information Science 2014


  • Long Essay/Thesis/Dissertation


  • A survey of crime prevention in the Library of University of Port Harcourt Library (DLIS UNIPRT) Unpublished
  • Problems and Prospects of Indigenous publishing companies in Enugu State. MLS Dissertation Unpublished.
  • Revenue Generation in Local Government in Nigeria: A case study of Ohaji/Egbema L.G.A. MSC Dissertation Unpublished.
  • Job Satisfaction and Productivity of Librarians in Public Libraries in the South-South and South-East Geo-Political Zones of Nigeria. Ph.D Thesis, Unpublished.

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