Academic Staff

  30 Jan 2017



Name: Ikenna Edward Ndukwe


Objective: Research driven and motivated by need to impact knowledge

Personal Profile: N/A


PHD | IN-VIeW |School of chemistry, University of bristol. UK

  • Major: CHEMISTRY
  • Minor: NMR Spectroscopy

MSC | 21st September, 2010 | School of chemistry, University of Ibadan. Nigeria

  • Major: CHEMISTRY
  • Minor: Organic Chemistry

Bsc | 30th september, 2003 | Dept. of Chemistry, abia sate university, Uturu. Nigeria



Graduate assistant | Abia state university, uturu. Nigeria | july, 2007 – sept 2010

  • I had the opportunity to study for my Masters at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Assistant Lecturer | abia state University, Uturu | Sept 2010 –

  • I’m presently studying for my PhD in the University of Bristol, United Kingdom where I’m at the concluding stage. I’ve given presentations (oral and poster) at various local and international conferences and have received a few prices and commendations.

Professional Membership

  • Associate Member – Royal Society of Chemistry


Skills & Abilities


  • I delivered an oral presentation at a national event NMR Discussion Group Post graduate meeting (June 25th, 2014 in Nottingham, UK) where I won the best presentation award and was subsequently invited to the Christmas meeting in London same year where I was able to present my work in front of experts in the field. It was highly received by the participants and commendations were made.

Other skills

  • In course of my PhD, I have acquired skills in c – programming which is the basis of my research. I’m also highly skilled in the use of Microsoft office including word, excel and power point.

Conferences Attended

SMASH 2015 | Baveno, Italy | 20th Sept – 23rdsept, 2015

FGMR 37th Annual meeting | Darmstadt, Germany | 7th Sept – 10thsept, 2015

NMRDG PG meeting 2015 | University of MANchester, UK | 25th JUN, 2015

SMASH 2014 | Atlanta georgia, US | 7th Sept – 10thsept, 2014

NMRDG PG meeting 2014 | University of Nottingham, UK | 25th JUN, 2014

SMASH 2013 | Santiago de compostella, spain | 22nd Sept – 25thsept, 2013


Works presented

  • Extended Acquisition Time (EXACT) NMR – SMASH 2015
  • Extended Acquisition Time (EXACT) NMR – 37th FGMR ANNUAL meeting 2015
  • Extended Acquisition Time (EXACT) NMR – NMRDG PG meeting 2015
  • Selectivity and Resolution Enhancement in EXSIDE and band selective EXSIDE – SMASH 2014
  • Selectivity and Resolution Enhancement in EXSIDE and band selective EXSIDE – NMRDG PG meeting 2014
  • A Comparative Study of simple NMR methods for nJCH Measurement – SMASH 2013

Published articles

  • E. Ndukwe and Craig P. Butts, Pure-shift IMPRESS EXSIDE – Easy measurement of1H–13C scalar coupling constants with increased sensitivity and resolution, RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 107829–107832.