26 Jan 2017



Welcome to the Department of Marketing, Abia State University. The mission of the Department is to offer quality, and superior academic and professional trainings which are aimed at developing graduates of high ethical, leadership and moral qualities as well as sharp focus on providing industry with well-trained all-round quality graduates.


Marketing at the Abia State University (ABSU), one of the founding disciplines of the University, since 1981, has indeed come a long way. Apart from the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Abia State University is in the foremost vanguard of Marketing Scholarship and Department in Nigeria. In 2000, ABSU metamorphosed into a Faculty-structured University under the visionary leadership of the Vice-Chancellor and legendary marketer: Professor Ogwo E. Ogwo. Consequently, the Department of Marketing came into existence.


The Department, through its academic and non-academic staff is committed to achieving this mission in order to position Marketing as one of the leading Disciplines in Business Education and research.


The department offers the students the following advantages:

  • The department comprises excellent scholars of national and international repute, with broad based academic and research interest as well as wealth of industrial experiences.
  • Interdisciplinary undergraduate and post-graduate programmes which are aimed at developing sound Accounting, Economic, Management, Finance and other related knowledge in the products of the department.
  • Academic and non-academic staff who are empathetic; always ready to listen to and direct the students aright.
  • Industrial linkages and practical Marketing education such as cases, seminars, discussions, etc.



The philosophy of Degree Programme in Marketing:

“to develop students’ minds, and impart both theoretical and practical marketing knowledge to enable them garner self confidence, be innovative and self-reliant in the field of marketing”.


The major objectives of the Degree programme in Marketing are to:

–        Provide basic knowledge and skills needed for the comprehension and analysis of problems related to marketing in profit and non-profit organizations.

–        Equip the students with the analytical skills for identifying, defining and solving marketing problems, and making appropriate decisions.

–        Develop leadership and skills of interpersonal relations in marketing.

–        Train students in the principles, techniques and ethics of Marketing, within the contexts and constraints of global best practice.


The following undergraduate programmes are offered by the Department of Marketing in Abia State University:

a.   Full-time undergraduate programmes

*        Regular

*        Institute of Arts and Science (IAS)

These programmes last for a duration of four academic sessions and successful students obtain B.Sc (Marketing).

b.   Part-time Undergraduate Programmes:

*        Institute for Distance Education (IDEA)

This programme is open to higher education seekers who intend to further their education while retaining their Jobs. The IDEA Marketing Programme in ABSU is an on-campus option in which lectures are taken on weekend basis in the University’s premises, (Uturu, Umuahia, Aba and Uzuaku Campuses). The programme lasts for five academic sessions, while prospective students are required to meet the same admission requirements as their full-time counterparts. Successful students, on completion, obtain B.Sc degree in Marketing.