23 Jan 2017



Gazie S. Okpara started his university teaching career as a Graduate Assistant in 1991, having graduated tops in Marketing. He has a B.Sc (Marketing) from then Imo State University, in 1989; MBA (Banking & Finance) from Federal University of Technology, Owerri (1995); Ph.D (Marketing) from Abia State University, Uturu (2007), specializing in Consumer Behaviour. He rose through every academic rung, culminating in the rank of a full Professor in 2012. Besides Abia State University, Gazie Okpara had taught Marketing in several universities in Nigeria and abroad. He had also served as the external examiner at both undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in Nigeria and abroad.


Abia State University’s Academic Planning Directorate is domiciled in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. It is principally saddled with matters of purpose-driven programmes re-engineering and resource planning, for the attainment of the university’s academic goals in the context of The Mandate – an embodiment of the Vice-Chancellor’s vision, mission and strategies.

Academic Planning, in pursuit of the lofty ideals of The Mandate, draws from the rich blend of the university’s student, staff and other stakeholder diversity, including the regulatory National Universities’ Commission (NUC).

The Directorate, headed by Professor Gazie S. Okpara, comprises three offices, and the listed staff in the following table:

S/n Names Qualification Date of Birth Rank Position Held Hobbies Phone No.
1. Onyeokoro Peter Ndubuisi B.Sc (Hons) Accountancy Abia State University, Uturu. 1994 19th November 1959 Principals Academic Planning Officer  


Secretary, Accreditation Committee;

National Secretary,

ABSU Alumni Association 2010 till date

Reading & Writing 08067971203
2. Obilor-Ibe Clara  



WASC 1985,

B.Sc 1993, Certificate in Computer Studies 2000,

MPA (in view)

12th August, 1964 Principal Executive Officer I           Secretary,

Academic Planning Unit

Singing 08066557584






Eziefula Patricia N.




WASC 1984, SSCE 1991,  TC I, 1999, NCE 2006




15th January, 1966



Estate Officer II



Estate Officer II