19 Jul 2021


Birthdays of great leaders are not just ordinary annual events of history. Rather it offers a significant time and space to appreciate their good works, celebrate their successes, and pray God for more grace, wisdom and good health on their behalf, to continue to impact the society positively. Hence today, Sunday, July 18th 2021, as we hear the angels sing and the heavens blaze forth their glory, as the academic community, albeit Abia State University in particular roll out drums, all in celebration of this iconic leader, consummate academic, globally rated Professor of Finance, a man of immense vitality, integrity, and fear of God, an exceptional leader, a star with global recognition, respect and relevance. An exceptional administrator, a humble man of peace, but with colossal intellectual energy, a man who will always pull out a weed, and plant a seed, our respected, revered, and relatable Vice Chancellor, Distinguished Professor Onyemachi M. Ogbulu, it is only meet, we take a moment, to appreciate this great gift of God to Abia State University, and acknowledge the remarkable achievements of his administration, within these few months of taking the mantle as the Vice Chancellor of our great University. Born in the 7th month of the year, the month of perfection, precisely 18th July, 1956, somewhere in Oshodi, Lagos State, Professor Ogbulu had his early education, partly in Lagos, and later in his community, Isi- Mpkorobe, Ukwa East, Abia State, and after his primary and secondary schools, he attended the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsuka, for his first degree, coming out with Second Class (Upper Division) and later his Masters degree in the same University. Subsequently, he enrolled and obtained his Doctorate degree in Abia State University. The man, Professor Onyemachi Ogbulu, could perfectly fit into the mould of those great achievers, whom the renowned English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare described as “achieving greatness” rather than greatness being bestowed upon him, having rose from the ranks, in his academic pursuit and teaching, starting as Lecturer 1, in the then Imo State University, Senior lecturer, Reader, and elevated to Professor in October 2015.He has also served the University in various capacities, as Head of Department (HOD) Banking and Finance, Director, Linkages and Revenue Mobilization, Deputy Vice Chancellor/ Chairman Ceremonial committee, Chairman, Senate Committee on Security, member, Governing Council, and by divine arrangement, the Golden Jubilee Inaugural Lecturer of the University. At the State level, Professor Ogbulu, was a member of the committee to midwife eminent reforms in State Institutions and parastatals, member Abia State SEEDs Independent monitoring committee, among others, while in the private sector, he rose to the highest position as chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Managing Director of top financial Institutions. On assumption of office, December 2, 2021, on the platform of trust and renewed hope for both staff and students of the University, and his credentials as a man of high integrity, honesty, and a rare breed without greed, effusing a confidence in God, that no challenge in the University is insurmountable, he set out to dialogue with all the Staff Unions, extracting their promise, to give him the benefit of the doubt and call off the then lingering strike, and trust him to tackle the challenges facing the Institution one after the other. Today, as he promised, the arrears of salaries are gradually being reduced, the issue of promotion of Staff has been immediately revisited, with the harvesting of Nineteen (19) new Professors and Twenty Seven (27) Readers by the University recently  just as he promised,  and the promotion for 2017 and 2018  non-Teaching staff also completed, with alignment and realignment of all staff already in progress. He has continued the positive change agenda of the University in maintaining uninterrupted academic activities, tackling security challenges headlong, promotion of research activities, sustaining the monthly inaugural lecture series, infrastructural development, expansion of academic programs and much more, This he had started also just as promised, with some new projects already commissioned by him, in collaboration with some other agencies, which his goodwill attracted to the University. Again today, Abia State University students, under his watch are bringing laurels back to the University in different competition, with graduates of the University, making the Institution and the State proud in their service to our dear country. Indeed, he has equally made the welfare of students his top priority, implementing without delay the N30, 000 (Thirty Thousand Naira) Covid 19 bursary as directed by the Governor, Abia State, and Visitor to the University, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, PhD, for Abia Students. Despite the lean resources of the Institution, the deduction automatically reflected for the Students as they generate invoice for their school fees, while others, who had earlier paid their fees, got refunds from the Bursary, hence reducing the burdens on parents. The man, the  whole world celebrates today,  is truly a promise keeper, a bridge builder, a warmhearted, amiable, amicable, considerate and generous Vice – Chancellor, who believes that true happiness is not determined by the wealth one acquires, but the state of your heart, and the impact you make in the life of others. To him, promotion only comes from God, and at his own time, and when such time comes, like Job said in the Bible, there is nothing any nobody can do to stop the fulfillment of the plan of God. As a firm believer of Simon Sinek’s philosophy of leadership, “That Leadership is not just being in charge, but about taking care of people in your charge” Professor Ogbulu enjoys team play, and believes that humility is not weakness, rather it is about self confidence, and self awareness to recognize the value of others without being threatened. In all, everything about the life of our dear Vice Chancellor, Distinguished Professor Onyemachi Ogbulu, is a fantastic example of quality leadership, remarkable vision, refined wisdom, selflessness, fairness, kindness, and absolute trust in the Almighty God, who called and appointed him, through the instrumentality and unprecedented support of the Governor, and Visitor to the University, Okezie  Victor Ikpeazu, PhD, the Governing Council, under the able leadership of His Excellency, Senator Adolphus Wabara, PhD, and a supportive Senate, and entire Staff and students of the University. And like Abraham Lincoln, one of the great American Presidents said, “It is not the year in your life that counts, it is the life in your years”, we celebrate the new lease of life our dear Vice-Chancellor, has given to the entire staff and students of the University, within few months of his administration. We pray he continue to lead with good heart, and continue to anchor his faith in God, who is ever faithful to his promise for the administration. Happy birthday our Royal Vice ChancellorHappy birthday Distinguished Professor Onyemachi Maxwell Ogbulu, our “Maximum Wellness” Vice chancellor. Congratulations