16 Apr 2021


According to Carolyn Canceglia, former Vice President, Strategic sales and Account Management, “Amadens” a North American company, “Great leaders take the best of the past, build upon it, and link it to the future”
 This perhaps explains the reason why barely three months into the new administration of Distinguished Professor O. M ogbulu, as the 8th substantive Vice Chancellor of Abia State University, the task of revitalizing and sustaining the monthly Inaugural lecture series, which the immediate past administration started became a top priority.
The importance and benefits of Inaugural lectures to any University cannot be over emphasized. It is an opportunity for the lecturer to celebrate this academic milestone as a Professor, with family, friends, colleagues and the University community, while the University uses it as well to promote research and showcase the worth of its academics in different fields. 
Besides, while Inaugural Lectures represents an essential component of the University’s public events or programs, helping to create wider awareness of the latest development in Science, Engineering, Arts, Humanities, Medicine, Law, Social sciences, it is also a way of giving back to the University that appointed the Lecturer as a Professor, and in the words of Professor Kelly Johnson of the University of Bristol, “It is a place to share ideas and time to reflect”.
In the same vein, another Professor of human letters in the Center for Rhetoric Studies, University College London (UCL), while delivering his Inaugural lecture, reechoed the importance of Inaugural lectures and its correlation with Institutions, when he said, “Even if I don’t praise the University in this lecture, my giving the lecture is in itself a celebration of my Institution, as I apply my very best skills at showing what a Professor from UCL can do”. 
Truly, this is another opportunity to show the whole world, the quality and content of a University Professor from this great citadel of learning, Abia State University, as Professor G.I. N Emezue, a Professor of English, delivers the 55th Inaugural Lecture of the University on the topic, “English? Yes. But not quite: The Igbo-English Bilingual Paradigm”, at the University auditorium on 21st April 2021 by 11am.  It also will show how Abia State University celebrates Inaugural lectures, with pomp and pageantry. At the end, the Inaugural Lecturer is admitted into the cadre of “Distinguished Professors” of the University.
The Uniqueness of the 55th inaugural Lecture of the University can be expressed in many ways:
It is the first Inaugural Lecture to be delivered under the watch of Distinguished Professor O. M Ogbulu as Vice Chancellor of the University
It is the first Inaugural Lecture after the easing down of the Covid 19 restrictions and resumption of academic activities in Schools, yet with strict observance of all the associated protocols. 
The Inaugural Lecturer is not just the University Orator, a Professor of English, a wordsmith, but also a Deputy Vice Chancellor designate, just waiting for the Governing Council’s ratification, hence making it a Management event.
As all roads lead to Abia State University Auditorium, Wednesday 21st April 2021 by 11am, we must take some time out to commend the Vice Chancellor, Distinguished Professor O, M Ogbulu, who in spite of current challenges took this positive step, as part of the “Let the Change continue” agenda of his administration, to reestablish the University on the global map, and improve her rating.
“Leadership is like exercise, it has to be sustained for it to do any good”, says Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive of J.P Morgan Chase.   Therefore, the continuation and sustenance of the monthly Inaugural Lecture of the University is a clear demonstration of quality leadership by the Vice Chancellor.
However, there is still need for all; especially academics of the University to take up the challenge, and ensure that every month, there will always be an Inaugural Lecture to be delivered. In so doing, they will be identifying and expressing support to the programs and policies of the present administration in its effort to take the University to a greater height.