2 May 2020


It was Myles Munroe who said: “An Army of Sheep led by a Lion will always defeat an Army of Lion led by a Sheep”. A Leader is therefore one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.
Leadership is that special and unique ability to positively influence people towards the Achievement of Organisations or Group goals and aspirations. We need Leadership in our Homes, Schools, Churches and our different working places.
Leaders are Made, not Born. A person becomes a Leader by learning the necessary skills necessary to “elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people”. You are what you think you are, your self-concept determines your performance.
Myles Munroe again, in a study of Leadership in Organizations discovered that “the thinking of a Leader is what separates him/her from the followers”. It was further discovered that true Leaders are distinguished by “a unique mental attribute which creates a strong, positive and confident self-concept and self-worth. This he called “the Spirit of Leadership”.
The Leadership in Abia State University aptly represents the above Analogy. This Transformational Leadership anchored by a Consummate Academic, Cerebral Administrator and Quintessential Scholar, Distinguished Professor E. Uche Ikonne, has clearly enhanced the motivation, morale and job performance of followers. The unprecedented Story Change in the University is anchored on the display of the following rare leadership qualities:🔸 Intergrity🔸 Fairness🔸 Humility🔸 Accountability🔸 Courage🔸 Leadership by example🔸 Caring about people- welfarism.
The results of these uncommon Leadership attributes include: 🔸 Unique Academic Breakthroughs🔸 Display of uncommon Scholarship by Staff and Students🔸 Internationalization of the University and its activities🔸 Industrial Harmony🔸 Legacy Infrastructural  development🔸 Digitalization of Academic and Administrative activities and other unimaginable achievements….
According to Harris Kern, “Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself”.
This is Abia State University, the Home of Excellence and Service, where LEADERSHIP TRULY WORKS.*
Please:Keep SafePlay Safe.
E.U.I- Good Leader, Great Achievements.