23 Nov 2018



A Professor of educational psychology, Abia State University, Professor Obiamaka V.Opara, has called on Government and religious organizations of all denominations to make it mandatory for young couples about to marry to undergo compulsory teaching in child rearing practises and parenting skills as a way of promoting healthy child development.

Professor Obiamaka who disclosed this, while delivering the 43rd inaugural lecture of the University on the topic, ” CATCH THEM YOUNG: CHILD DEVELOPMENT, LEARNING AND BEHAVIOUR, added that the content of the teachings must include the importance of quality social and emotional interractions between mothers and their children in the first year of the child’s life.
According to her, if children are reared in peaceful homes, they will become peaceful, but those brought up in chaotic homes, automatically becomes miscreants in the society.

She concluded by advocating for gender neutrality and equality in all fields of human endeavor such as providing equal opportunities for both sexes educationally, politically, and economically.

Earlier, while declaring the event open, the Chairman on the occasion, and Vice Chancellor, Professor E. Uche Ikonne, congratulated the Inaugural lecturer, for taking up the challenge to deliver an Inaugural lecture, stressing that the University is very gender sensitive, giving women equal opportunity, to excel in any area.
He stated that though inaugural lectures were academic in nature, it is also a time when the Lecturer is celebrated in a special way by colleagues, Family, Friends and the larger society.

Highlight of the event was the reception of the lecturer, Professor Obiamaka Opara, into the family of ” Distinguished Professors” as well as presentation of gifts by the University, and faculty members to the lecturer.

The lecture was graced by the full complement of the University Management, the Academia, Faculty members, Students, family members, friends and well wishers.