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  22 Feb 2017



Name                                       Okanta Sunday Ukeje,Ph.D

Rank                                         SENIOR LECTURER

Areas of Specialization    Public Finance, Development Financing and management;

                                                 Smallscale/entrepreneurship Financing and management; Banking Operations

Date of Birth                       15th July, 1964

Academic Qualifications B.Sc(MGT)UNN,1986;MBA(BANK/FIN)-Academic,ABSU,1996;

Ph.D(FINANCE),ABSU,2009; ICAN(FOUNDATION),1991;Computer Cert.,                                                                         AIFPU,1995.

Academic Collaborations Abia State University Research & Publication. Dept. PMB 2000 Uturu, Abia State Nigeria, African Heritage Institution, 54 Nza Str. Enugu Nigeria


1.  Senior Prefect (1980), Metropolitan Sec. School, Onitsha.

2. 3rd Position, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM) Young Manages Competition, Eastern Zone 1996.

3.  Indisputable Lecturer in banking and Finance, Dept. of banking and Finance, Award by FIBSA, ABSU, 2005/2006.

4.  Certificate of Merit By The Society for The Advancement of Business Management (SABM), University of Nigeria, and Enugu Campus Award In Recognition Of Meritorious Services Rendered To SABM as Associate Editor for 1984/85 Academic Session.

5. A Royal Merit Award As A Distinguished Patriot Of Acha/Amachara,By HRH Eze Godwin Iroha Okorie, Igbobi 1 of Amachara Aut. Community Acha, Isuikwuato L.G,A Abia State, Nigeria, 27th Dec. 2014.

Membership of Professional Bodies    Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) – Hon. Senior Member (HCIB).


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Contact Address     Okanta Sunday Ukeje Ph.D

                                     Dept. of Banking & Finance

Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria


Phone Number: +2348065733343