Academic Staff

  22 Feb 2017


Iche, Ukpai Kalu

Name:                                                              Iche, Ukpai Kalu

Date of Birth:                                                   22 October, 1957

Place of Birth:                                                  Ohafia, Abia State

Nationality:                                                      Nigerian

Marital Status:                                                  Married

Number of Children:                                      5 (4 females and 1 male)

Name and Address of Spouse:                  Mrs Oluchi I. Kalu

National Library of Nigeria


Next-of-Kin:                                                    Mrs Oluchi I. Kalu

Date of First Appointment:                       September, 1983

Position on First Appointment:                 Graduate Assistant

Confirmation of Appointment:                  1 October, 1985

Present Position:                                              Professor

Date of Present Appointment/Promotion: July, 2009

Job Address:                                            Department of Estate Management

Abia State University, Uturu, NIGERIA

Telephone Contact:                            08033281058, 08120001957




  • 2.1 Higher Institutions Attended with Dates:

            –           University of Nigeria                                                   1978-1982

            –           University of Reading, England                              1985-1986

            –           Abia State University, Uturu                                     2000-2005

2.2 Academic and Professional Qualification with Dates:

                        –           B.Sc. Estate Management                                     1982

–           M.Sc. Urban Land Appraisal                                    1986

–           Ph.D. Valuation and Appraisal                                 2005

–           Associate Diploma NIESV                                         1988

–           RSV , ESVARBON                                                         1988

–           Fellowship Diploma NIESV                                         2001


2.3 Other Distinctions and Awards (with Dates)


British Technical Cooperation Agreement                   1985-1986


  • Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers National Award for Contribution to The Development of the Profession    2007
  • Abia State University in recognition and appreciation Of outstanding contribution towards the attainment of Full accreditation in academic programmes in the Faculty of Environmental Studies in 2007/2008 NUC Accreditation exercise.  2008


General Council Assemblies of God Nigeria – National

  •      Award as Ambassador of the Kingdom  2008
  • The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers In Appreciation of Commitment to the Cause of the Institution   2008
  • The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers In Appreciation of Contribution to National Mandatory Continuing Professional Lecture Series   2010



3.1       Work Experience outside the University System with Dates:

–      Industrial Attaché with MLSUP, Owerri                                       1979

–      Industrial Attaché with Messrs Nath Nnaji & Co., Owerri     1989

–      Industrial Attaché with Messrs Nath Nnaji & Co., Owerri     1981

–      National Youth Corper with MLSUP, Lands Division, Akure  1982

      Consultant to Messrs Egbeks Uma Associates                         1984-1992

3.2       Work Experience in other Universities with Dates:

–       Visiting Professor – University of Nigeria                                  2009-Date

3.3       Teaching Experience at Abia State University, Uturu,

            With Dates:    

–      Graduate Assistant, Dept. of Estate Management       Sept. 1983-Oct. 1986

–      Assistant Lecturer                                                                    1986-1987

–      Lecturer II                                                                                    1987-1989

–      Lecturer I                                                                                     1989-1992

–      Senior Lecturer                                                                           1992-2006

–      Reader                                                                                           2006-2009

Professor                                                                                           2009-Date


3.4       Administrative Experience with Dates

–           Pioneer Staff, Department of Estate Management, ABSU         1983

           Acting Head of Department, Estate Management                        2003

           Acting Head of Department, Estate Management                        2005

           Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies                                          2006-2013

          Director, Academic Planning                                                                2013- 2016

3.5    Membership of University Committees with Dates:

–           Chairman, Housing Allocation Committee                                                            1992-Date

           Member, University Satellite Village Committee                                                  2003-2004

           Member, Students Village Committee                                                                      2006- 2008

           Chairman, Water Reticulation Committee                                                               2007

           Member, James Madison University, USA-ABSU Collaboration Committee  2007

–           Member, University Governing Council                                                                      2007-2010

–           Member, Staff Disciplinary Committee                                                                    2006-2009

–           Member, University Council A & PC (SATS)                                                              2006-2009

–           Member, University Council Tenders Board                                                             2006-2009

–         Member, Governing Council F&GPC                                                                            2010-2010

–         Member, Governing Council A& PC (Academic)

–         Member Governing Council                                                                                              2006-2010

3.6       Professional Affiliation & Committee Membership with Dates:

  –           Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers

–           Chairman, Imo State Branch                                                                          2001-2008

–           Member of National Council                                                                           2001-Date

–           Chairman, Education Committee                                                                   2006-2010

–           Chairman, Board of Examiners                                                                       2006-2010

–           Member, Estate Surveyors & Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria   1991-1993

–           Member, Membership Committee                                                                  2001-2008

–           Representative of NIESV on the Board of the Commonwealth Association of Surveying                                           and Land Economy  2008-Date

3.7Other University and Public Services with Date

–          Member, Visitation Panel for ESVARBON Course Accreditation to the following Institutions

–           Obafemi Awolowo University                                               1992

–           University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus                                1992

–           Abia State University, Uturu                                                1992

–           The Polytechnic, Ibadan                                                         1991

–           Yaba College of Technology, Lagos                                    1991

–           Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin                                              1991

–          Chair Environmental Panel for Commonwealth Scholarship  Selection For MSc & PhD                                                2014 &  2015

–          Member Governing Council Evangel University,Akeze       2012-Date


3.8       External Examiner for B.Sc. & HND in Estate Management

        –           Imo State University, Owerri   B.Sc.                                                  2002-2005

       –           Rivers State University of Technology                         B.Tech.        2007- 2009                             

–           University of Nigeria                                                           B.Sc             2006-2008

–           University of Uyo                                                                  B.Sc             2005-2007

      –           Cross River University of Technology                           B.Tech         2006-Date

      –           Federal Polytechnic, Nekede                                           HND            2000-2003

      –           The Polytechnic, Calabar                                                   HND             2002-2004

      –           Federal University of Technology, Minna                                           2007-2010

      –           Federal University of Technology, Owerri               MSc & PhD      2011- Date

      –           University of Lagos, Lagos                                              BSc                 2010- Date


3.9      Membership of Editorial Boards with Dates:

–           Editor-in-Chief, Estate Surveyor & Valuer                                                       2004-2005

–           Member, Editorial Board, Estate Surveyor & Valuer                                   2002-2004

           Member, Editorial Board, RUST, Journal of Environmental Sciences    2003

–           Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Environment                                      2004-2008

–           Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the    Environment                                               2008-Date

–          Member, Editorial Board, Tropical Environment J                                        2009-Date

–          Member, Editorial Board, Environmental Review J                                      2009-Date


3.10    Visiting/Adjunct Appointments with Dates:

   -University of Nigeria    Visiting Professor                           2009- Date

– University of Uyo, Uyo – Adjunct Professor                         2009- Date

– Imo State University, Owerri – Adjunct Professor              2010- Date

– Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka – Adjunct Professor     2009- Date



Undergraduate Level:

  • Introduction to Estate Management
  • Principles of Valuation
  • Land Use and Resources
  • Advanced Valuation
  • Plant and Machinery Valuation
  • Feasibility and Viability Appraisal

Postgraduate Level:

  • Real Estate Investment Performance Measurement
  • GIS in Real Estate
  • Advanced Valuation Theory
  • International Real Estate Investment



5.1 Successfully Supervised

5.1.1 Dr U Ebi

5.1.2 Dr L O Umeh

5.1.3 Dr E Mfam

5.1.4 Dr C C Nwuba

5.1.5 Dr E Ekenta

5.1.6 Dr Alex Udobi

5.1.7 Dr Mrs A Diala

5.1.8 Dr Mrs I C Efekalam


Supervised more than ten MSc candidates and presently supervising ten candidates



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