26 Jan 2017


Brief Profile of Professor Mrs. Nnenna Deborah Mkpa Ph.D JP Director, Sandwich Programme


Nnenna Deborah Mkpa, is a member of ADEA NET: Education and Training for Africa’s Educational Sustainability and Development. She was the Vice President, Olyce Consulting Research and Development. She is a Professor of Measurement and Evaluation at Abia State University with research and teaching experience in Measurement and Evaluation, Measurement of personality, assessing psychomotor behaviour, measuring intelligence and aptitude, etc. She has consulted and led projects for private, government, multinational and international development organizations including British Council, United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), United Nations Population Fund, UNICEF, NERDC and Federal Ministry of Education. Nnenna’s scholarly works are widely published in international and local journals. She has served as editor of International Journal, a resource person and speaker in numerous conferences and workshops. She chairs and leds a number of non-profit organizations like, National Council of Women Societies’ (NCWS) and other initiatives. She is passionately active in volunteering towards grassroots/community and national development. In 2007 she was honored by Youth Federation for World Peace as ‘Peace Ambassador’ in Manila, Philippines and was also in 2008 honoured with International Women Millennium Development Ambassador Award (UN-MDGs Ambassador Award) in Brussels, Belgium and other Awards too numerous to mention here. She is a member of International Association for Volunteer Administration U.S.A, Nigeria Institute of Management (mnim), and Teachers without Borders, peace ambassadors etc. she is currently, the Director, Sandwich Directorate of Abia State University, Uturu.